Cancer Survivor Spotlight

Ethel was diagnosed with cancer in her 70s, not long after her husband had passed away, and was told by her doctor to get her affairs in order because she wouldn’t survive the treatment and recovery she needed to beat her disease.

She told her doctors, “you don’t know me!” and went ahead and had the treatment and then joined the cancer survivors programming at the Y, even though she had debilitating neuropathy in her feet and needed a cane to walk. But Ethel thrived at the Y and even graduated to other fitness programs to continue to work on her strength and balance.

A year and a half later, Ethel is able to walk on the track without a cane, can walk up and down the stairs, and is off of her blood pressure medication. She has regained her health and has also gained numerous strong friendships and a community that cares for each other at the Y.

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