Although the bonus provision is automatic on some sites, others issue it after a player complaint. As long as you don’t come across an automated site, you will have to learn how to claim your no deposit bonuses.

How to claim a no deposit bonus at a Canadian online casino?

Rest assured, the complaints process is generally straightforward. At most good online casinos, you have the option to mark your desire for a no deposit bonus when registering. When creating your account, the platform sometimes displays “be informed, and participate in casino promotions”. By checking in front of this registration, you can benefit from the various no deposit bonuses and other promotions included on the platform.

Other Canadian online casinos require promotional codes. In this way, any user will have to mention said code to claim their no deposit bonus. Depending on the site, it is possible to mention the bonus code either when registering or when placing a bet. If you don’t know which promo code to use, you can check out the articles on our site that deal with this topic. After having correctly mentioned this identifier, you will just have to wait. The casino will credit your account with your bonus shortly thereafter.

It is also possible to claim a bonus by exchanging points. However, this method is not supported for no deposit welcome bonuses. Rather, it concerns the reward offer for loyalty. In this case, you can redeem the loyalty points accumulated for no deposit bonuses.

NB: These claim methods vary depending on the Casinos.

The advantages of no deposit bonuses

In view of everything that has already been said, it is clear that the no deposit bonus is a very advantageous offer. Here are the main positive points regarding this offer:

  • Free money to play. By playing for free, you run no risk. Although this offer is temporary, the no deposit bonus allows you to experience gambling online without spending anything. Your first steps on the platform are therefore taken care of.
  • A possibility to withdraw free money. Some sites allow you to pocket the bonus without deposit. Which is very advantageous, because you pocket the money without having spent a single penny.
  • The possibility of testing a casino: Thanks to the bonus money, you will be able to form an opinion of the site on which you are playing. Kit up to you to join another casino if you are not satisfied.
  • Finally, the no deposit bonus allows you to gain skill by playing for free right from the start.

The disadvantages of the no deposit bonus

Despite its mostly positive character, there are dark spots attached to the no deposit bonus, which you might not like. It’s about :

  • Wagering Conditions: The majority of casinos that offer no deposit bonuses impose rewrite conditions. You will need to wager this bonus a few times, and win it, and usually at your expense.
  • Unavailability of the no deposit bonus on certain attractions. This offer generally allows you to play slot, and roulette. It is very rare to find this option available on other games. This ultimately leaves players with very few options.
  • The reduced bonus amount at most casinos does not encourage players to deposit money.
  • No deposit bonuses are so enticing that you will definitely be spending more time at the casinos. You may become addicted to online gambling