No deposit bonus offers come in many types, and can help you in different situations. In this section, we present the different forms in which the bonus without spending is generally presented. It is important to note that these bonus offers are particularly suitable for players who have never made transactions on online casinos. Here are some common no deposit bonuses at online casinos in Canada.

The no deposit welcome bonus

When you have just signed up on a platform, any good casino will welcome you. You then receive an offer that allows you to explore the site, without actually having to pay the costs. As a welcome bonus, most sites offer a refund of your first deposit. This means that the platform compensates you for your first bet because you are just starting out. This bonus is certainly advantageous, but it gets better. The no deposit welcome bonus is better. The principle of this is to give you money for free, without you having to deposit money. This offer is only for new players. You will only be entitled to it once. With this welcome benefit, you learn to play on the site without spending anything.

No deposit bonus free play round

Some platforms prefer to offer free rounds of play rather than handing out cash. Thus, we distinguish the bonus free spins without deposit. This offer allows you to play various attractions (Slot, BlackJack, Poker, Roulette) for free for a certain period of time for free. After this free period, you will have to deposit money to bet before each game turn. The advantage of this type of bonus is that if you win during free games, you pocket the pot without having anything. spend. In this way, you will already have a head start before you even start betting. At worst, you may not win anything during the free spins phase. Nevertheless, it gives you a general overview of the platform. If this does not suit you, you can quit the game.

Prepaid gaming times

This form of no deposit bonus is very attractive, and puts you right in the game. It is the fact that the casino gives you money for free, to be used over a specific period. Once this period has passed, you will have to use your own money, that is to say make a deposit on the platform. The main advantage of this form of no deposit bonus is the amounts awarded by the casino. The most generous offer several hundred Canadian dollars. On the other hand, the transience of this money leaves the player a little hungry. As the offer is only valid for a short time, the player will have to manage to win within the allotted time. Which is relatively difficult. Either way, the adrenaline rush is guaranteed,

Promo codes for no deposit bonus

Above, we mentioned the notion of a promo code as a means of claiming a bonus. It should also be noted that promotional codes also constitute a form of no deposit bonus on certain sites. While some Casinos offer cash directly, others give you coupon codes. The advantage here is that by mentioning this code you can access any type of no deposit bonus (free money, free spins, Game Time or others). In addition, you spend absolutely nothing to have these codes. You can find them on online casinos, or on websites that talk about them. Then all you have to do is mention this code when registering or when launching a special offer. You will therefore dispose of your gift without deposit immediately.

No deposit cashable bonus

Most no deposit bonuses have a specific purpose, which is to make sure that your first steps on the platform do not pay off. Thus, most no deposit bonuses are intended for gambling only, and cannot constitute a personal balance. However, some casinos allow this pot to be pocketed. This is the cashable no deposit bonus. Generally, to be able to withdraw this pot, you must respect the re-stake conditions imposed by certain casinos. You must re-stake your bonus amount, and earn it a certain number of times. If you lose, you won’t be able to cash it out. Other casinos are still more flexible, but it is rare to find a platform that offers this form of bonus without asking for anything in return.

The non-cashable bonus

This is the reverse of the no deposit cashable bonus. This only allows you to play at the various attractions available at the online casino. In this case, you absolutely have to win to make the most of this advantage. Bonus funds cannot be withdrawn, but if you invest them wisely you can collect the winnings. For example, when you receive a $ 200 no deposit bonus, and you win $ 50 by wagering that amount, you only win the amount of your win ($ 50). Non-cashable no deposit bonuses are common when it comes to specials, and sometimes as a welcome gift.